“Catch the ’57” a New Short Film From Serrano Studios Gets a New Year Release

January 28 14:29 2020
“Catch the ’57” – released on Amazon Prime for streaming.

Los Angeles, CA, USA – The newest production from Serrano Studios, “Catch the ’57”, is a short form content drama series. It has its initial release on Amazon Prime for the New Year Holiday for streaming. “Catch the ’57”, written and produced by Ernest Serrano stars Ryan Ochoa (from iCarly fame and Disney Series “Pair of Kings”), Angie Teodora Dick, Michael Joseph Pierce and Jerry G. Angelo and tells the story of a young Ricky at a race track to watch his Uncle Frank race. Suddenly Frank’s car crashes suspiciously crashes, killing Frank. 12 years later, Ricky sets out to find the other racer to get answers to what happened.

Ryan Ochoa, as Ricky
Angie Teodora Dick, as Angie
Michael Joseph Pierce, as Danny
Jerry G. Angelo, as Frank

Serrano Studios is a Visalia, California based film house which is comprised of Film Production, feature, short films and commercials, directing and writing, headed by Ernest & Michelle Serrano. Serrano Studios currently has two films streaming on Amazon Prime, “New York State of Mind,” and “Joaquin is King” and soon to be released, Grim Weaver. A full feature horror film starring Sid Burston, Melika Blessing, and featuring Dawna Lee Heising. Serrano Studios also has a series on Amazon called “Confessions” A short form horror series that follows Father Michael King (Michael Joseph Pierce) who investigates a possible possession of Lisa Coal (Alysia Ingrim).

Short-form content isn’t new, but it’s gaining popularity among creators, production companies and viewers. “A short form content and series allows the viewer to eat up a story in a short period of time, like a lunch break,” said Ernest Serrano.

Short Form Content is the new platform for content creators and can be found on Amazon, Apple TV+ or Quibi, the new short-form TV and movie app which makes its bow in 2020.

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