Reimagining Business Intelligence – InetSoft Explains Its Small Footprint Cloud-first BI Platform

October 10 05:00 2023
InetSoft, a leading provider of innovative dashboard and reporting software, is making waves in the business intelligence and analytics industry with its cutting-edge small footprint, and cloud-first BI platform. This revolutionary platform offers numerous advantages compared to traditional BI software, transforming the way organizations access and leverage their data.

USA – One of the key strengths of InetSoft’s small-footprint BI platform is its minimal resource requirements. Unlike traditional BI software that demands substantial computing power and resources, InetSoft’s solution is designed to operate efficiently even on cloud instances with as few as two virtual cores (vCores). This level of resource efficiency not only results in significant cost savings but also provides unparalleled flexibility for customization and scalability.

Traditional BI software typically requires machines or instances with at least 4 to 8 physical cores,” said Mark Flaherty, CMO of InetSoft. “Our small footprint BI platform challenges this status quo by offering a more cost-effective and adaptable solution for businesses of all sizes.”

InetSoft’s platform also simplifies the user experience. Instead of requiring users to navigate multiple tools for data preparation, dashboarding, analytics, and reporting, InetSoft offers an all-in-one web app that caters to both professional designers and self-service business users. This streamlined approach enhances user productivity and minimizes the need for extensive skill training and administration.

The core of InetSoft’s web app is a small-footprint data mashup engine, empowering users to transform and combine data from various sources effortlessly. This eliminates the need to wait for IT teams to prepare the data, putting the power of data manipulation in the hands of those who need it most.

InetSoft’s commitment to embracing cloud computing is evident in its innovative mini-warehouse feature. Unlike traditional data warehouses, the mini-warehouse is not pre-created; it is an on-demand acceleration data store that can be dynamically generated as needed. This approach offers a cost-effective solution for organizations dealing with slow or expensive live data source access, a common challenge in the cloud era.

InetSoft’s small footprint, cloud-first BI platform has enabled the company to become a leader in the BI software industry, serving diverse sectors, including financial, manufacturing, education, government, retail, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. Notable clients include the Government of British Columbia, NASA, and the State of Connecticut, among others.

About InetSoft:

InetSoft, founded in 1996, is a pioneering provider of dashboard and reporting software. The company’s BI software has been deployed across various sectors, offering flexible, easy-to-use, and real-time data access capabilities. InetSoft’s mission is to empower organizations to measure their performance and access key performance indicators with ease and efficiency.

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