Akia Smart Home: Helping Vietnamese Create Their Dream Homes

October 03 23:49 2023
AKIA SMART HOME is a reputable provider of smart home devices from renowned brands such as Xiaomi, Aqara, and Yeelight. With a wide range of products, including hubs, smart sensors, smart switches, smart door locks, smart plugs, and more, AKIA SMART HOME helps you transform your home into a modern, safe, and convenient space.

Smart home electrical devices are becoming increasingly popular in Vietnam, as they offer a more convenient and modern lifestyle. As an official distributor of leading smart home brands, AKIA SMART HOME is committed to creating the perfect living space for every Vietnamese family with its range of smart electrical solutions.

1. Efforts to enhance the experience of every Vietnamese home

AKIA SMART HOME understands that in today’s modern life, the value of a home is not only in its aesthetics and safety, but also in the convenience and automation that it can bring thanks to the application of new technological achievements. That is why the brand always strives to provide comprehensive solutions for the living space of customers with smart home devices.

1 – Security & Safety Solutions

AKIA SMART HOME offers a range of devices and features that can help you monitor, prevent, and respond to any security or safety issues in your home:

  • Security Monitoring: AKIA SMART HOME’s Smart Cameras allows you to keep a watchful eye on your property from anywhere in the world, with live video and audio streaming. The camera also sends alerts and notifications to your device when it detects motion, sound, or faces.
  • Theft prevention: Their Smart Camera deters intruders and burglars with a built-in siren and spotlight that can be activated remotely or automatically. You can also secure your doors and windows with the Smart Lock, which allows you to lock and unlock them remotely or with your voice. Additionally, AKIA’s motion sensors detect unauthorized entry and trigger alarms or lights.
  • Fire prevention: Their Smoke Alarms detect smoke and carbon monoxide levels in your home, sending alerts and notifications to your phone or smart speaker when the alarms go off. This helps you prevent fire hazards and smoke damage.

Some outstanding products include: Ezviz battery-powered 2K Camera (VND 5,000,000), IMOU Rex 3D camera (VND 935,000 – 1,070,000), Aqara D200 3D Face Recognition Smart Lock (14,950,000 VND), Xiaomi Honeywell Smoke Sensor (VND 690,000). With these Security & Safety Solution, you will enjoy peace of mind and convenience in your home.

AKIA SMART HOME provides solutions for safety with a various modern surveillance cameras

2 – Automation & Energy-saving Solutions

Not only providing security and safety solutions, AKIA SMART HOME also wants to enhance the experience of every Vietnamese family with convenience and automation. They offer a wide range of easy-to-install and use products that are compatible with a wide range of smart home platforms, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

Some of the devices and features included in AKIA’s automation and energy-saving solution are:

  • Smart switches: You can turn on and off your lights, fans, and other appliances with their smart switches, which can be controlled remotely or with your voice. You can also set schedules, timers, and scenes for your switches to automate your home according to your preferences.
  • Smart plugs: AKIA SMART HOME’s smart plugs, such as the Aqara Smart Plugs, can detect the electricity consumption of connected home appliances and generate monthly or regular tracking reports. This information can help you identify areas where you can save energy and reduce your overall energy consumption.

3 – Entertainment & Decoration Solutions

With AKIA SMART HOME’s products, you can create a smart home that is both functional and stylish, at a price that is affordable. One of the things that makes AKIA SMART HOME stand out is the luxurious and elegant designs of their products. Their smart home lighting solutions, such as the Tapo L610 Spotlight bulb, Tapo L630 Spotlight bulb, and TP-Link Tapo L920-5, are not only affordable, but they also make ideal space decorations.

In addition to their stylish designs, AKIA SMART HOME lighting solutions also offer a variety of features that make them both functional and enjoyable to use. For example, you can use their Yeelight Smart LED Light Panels or Lamps to sync with your music and enjoy a dynamic and immersive listening experience as they will change color and brightness based on the beat of the music.

Creating an ideal lighting space with the AKIA SMART HOME lighting system

2. A trusted friend in the Smart Home World

AKIA SMART HOME – Specializing in providing and installing quality smart home solutions, suitable for each customer’s needs.

  • Free product selection consultation service: AKIA SMART HOME has a team of consultants with over 10 years of experience in the smart home field. They are always ready to listen to and answer customer questions to help them find the best solutions for their needs.
  • Product purchase assistance: AKIA SMART HOME offers delivery to all cities in Vietnam at preferential rates and fast delivery times (2-4 hours in Ho Chi Minh City and 3-4 days in other provinces).
  • After-sales service: AKIA SMART HOME is committed to providing a product warranty of up to 18 months and has a clear return policy for defective products. If a customer wishes to return a non-defective product, AKIA is willing to refund 80% of the product value as stated on the invoice (note: unused product only).

AKIA SMART HOME – A reputable and high-quality brand in the field of smart home devices

As an official distributor of leading smart home brands such as Aqara, Tuya, and Xiaomi, AKIA SMART HOME is a great choice for anyone looking for affordable yet high quality smart home solutions with luxurious designs. Their products are easy to use and offer a variety of features that can make your life easier and more enjoyable.

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