MUK: Pioneering the Web 3.0 borderless On-Chain Payment Ecosystem

June 09 21:12 2023

Empowered by a staggering $30 billion from Mark’s Fund, MUK Global Pay strides forward, hand in hand with the prodigious tech team led by the Mark’s Fund, laying the foundation for a borderless on-chain payment system initially spurred by Twitter.

Encompassing decentralized trading, smart contract payments, and lightweight technical integration, this Web 3.0 on-chain payment service system collaborates with blockchain providers and Metaverse corporations to innovate, build, and share a fresh on-chain economic ecosystem. It is devoted to providing users with a novel Web 3.0 integrated financial platform, enhancing existing payment and financial services to offer a more convenient, secure, and practical solution for digital asset management and payment.

The MUK Fund catalyzes the MUK system, forging the MUK blockchain’s Alipay, and shaping the MUK system’s ecosystem, which includes:

  1. Personalized features such as Yu’ebao, Huabei, Jiebei, and others;
  2. Social functions like ChainChat, ChainLife, ChainTransport, ChainVote, ChainBizCircle, ChainView, etc;
  3. Financial services like ChainInsurance, on-chain credit cards, gold chains, OTC, and more

MUK Global Pay will issue a dual-token mechanism to empower the value of the economic ecosystem, with the issuance of 10 trillion MUK-Tokens as the on-chain payment Token of MUK Global Pay. Serving as the platform’s value circulation token, it realizes interconnectivity within the MUK Global Pay platform. The first million users registered before the global premiere test will increase the MUK market value by $100 million. MUK-Token is fully advanced as the global consensus for Web 3.0 on-chain payment, with MUK capable of settling all applications within the ecosystem, and being exchangeable with any major global cryptocurrency.

With the issuance of 210,000 ecological tokens, MusT, as the value right token of MUK Global Pay, MusT aligns governance with a “zero deposit and full withdrawal” model. Through 189 days of Binance system testing, it successfully created the first batch of original-level shareholders on the chain. During the testing period, original shareholders can purchase discounted MUK in limited quantities through the platform to seize the early benefits of MUK Global Pay. All top-ups can elevate the value of the ecological token, MusT, through platform consensus, until only 21,000 MusT remain due to deflation.

MUK’s Future NFT Strategy:

MUK NFT issuance

The total issuance of NFT-MUK energy cards is 2,100, combining three types of fragments into an NFT-MUK energy card equivalent to 49% of the equity of MUK Global Pay. Three fragments combine into a 100% airdrop reward for consensualists. Limited issuance of 2,100 is entirely rewarded to consensualists.

  1. NFT-M fragments, combined into NFT-MUK energy cards, are limited to 210,000 pieces, reduced to 21,000 after combination and destruction, with all rewards given to consensualists;
  2. NFT-U fragments, similar to NFT-M fragments, are limited to 210,000 pieces, reduced to 21,000 after combination and destruction, with all rewards given to consensualists;
  3. NFT-K fragments, just like the above, are limited to 210,000 pieces, reduced to 21,000 after combination and destruction, with all rewards given to consensualists.

MUK’s Web 3.0 social on-chain payment ecosystem is a decentralized social network and its surrounding applications and services based on blockchain technology. It provides users with a secure, privacy-protected, and self-controlled social experience through cryptographic algorithms, smart contracts, and other means. Thus, a complete MUK Web 3.0 social on-chain payment ecosystem is born!

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