Alfa Chemistry: Test Kits Provides New Options to Transform Testing Strategy

June 09 20:52 2023

New York, USA – June 9, 2023 – Utilizing the most sophisticated technology, the chemical supplier Alfa Chemistry recently launched a new line of test kits that can help advance research and clinical diagnostic procedures.

The newly launched 2,000+ test kits can deliver the results at the fastest speed and lowest cost, including: drug discovery test kits, environmental protection test kits, food safety test kits, and plant disease diagnosis test kits.

“Overall, our initiative to launch such a new line of test kits is purposed to provide researchers and diagnostic professionals with a new and easy-to-use tool to suit a wide range of applications,” said the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry. “With significant contribution to developments in analytical sciences with different laboratory testing equipment and consumables, we have gained a solid reputation as a preferred supplier of chemistry research services across the world.”

Test kits can aid in a wide range of applications, such as analyzing the concentration of target analytes, detecting a wide range of biomarkers, and identifying diseases quickly and accurately. Below are the four main types of test kits available at Alfa Chemistry.

Drug Discovery Test Kits

Drug discovery is characterized by high cost, high risk, long cycle, and low return. The emergence of drug discovery test kits has greatly shortened the drug development cycle and improved efficiency. According to the different applications of the test kits, drug discovery test kits can be divided into the following categories: cell apoptosis test kits, cell viability test kits, imaging test kits, mycoplasma test kits, nitric oxide (NO) test kits, reactive oxygen species (ROS) test kits.

Environmental Protection Test Kits

The world is facing increasingly complex environmental issues. With this in mind, Alfa Chemistry offers a broad range of environmental protection test kits covering industrial microorganisms, air quality, asbestos, lead, soil, water quality. To name just a few here: air quality test kits, asbestos test kits, heavy metal test kits, industrial microorganisms test kits, soil test kits, water test kits. These test kits have high detection sensitivity, making it possible to quickly realize the detection of pollutants in the environment.

Food Safety Test Kits

Food safety test kits have a significant role to play in the food safety management process. These kits enable food science laboratories to effectively manage food safety and mitigate risks, while also reducing the time and cost involved in microbiological and molecular food testing. Alfa Chemistry provides the following food safety test kits: adulteration test kits, allergens test kits, antibiotic residues test kits, hormone test kits, mycotoxin test kits, pathogens test kits, pesticide residues test kits, special food test kits, veterinary drug residue test kits, and vitamins test kits.

Plant Disease Diagnosis Test Kits

Plant disease test kits usually determine the cause and type of disease based on the symptoms of plant damage, plant pathogens, and disease occurrence characteristics, and then take corresponding control measures. At Alfa Chemistry, GMO/Trait test kits, plant pathogen test kits, and test kits by crop are available.

In addition to the above-mentioned four types of test kits, Alfa Chemistry, with its advanced facilities and experienced R&D team, is also able to produce custom-made kits, including antibody labeling kits, antibody pairs and blocking peptides for the development of new assay kits tailored to customers’ specific needs.

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Alfa Chemistry strives towards excellence and has consistently upgraded its chemical and analytical testing services. It has recently launched a new website to offer affordable and top-notch test kits, which are extensively tested and validated to ensure high accuracy and precision, making them ideal for critical applications in research and diagnostic settings.

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