No.1 Carbon Publicity Platform of Automotive Chain was Officially Launched

May 18 03:44 2023

Recently, the China Automobile Industry Chain carbon publicity platform (CPP) ( was officially opened to the public. It is the first carbon footprint information publicity platform for the whole automobile industry chain in China and the world.

The China Automobile Industry Chain CPP officially opened to the public

CPP aims to empower low-carbon development through digitization, help build a low-carbon ecosystem for automobiles, promote carbon emission accounting of enterprises, establish and improve automobile carbon emission data, support the construction of China’s automobile carbon emission management system, and improve mutual recognition of automobiles related carbon footprint data across the globe to assist China in achieving its goals of carbon neutralization and carbon peaking as soon as possible, according to the person in charge of China Automotive Carbon Digital Technology Center Co., Ltd., the developer of CPP.

CPP has four core functions: i) data publicity, including basic information on vehicles, components, and automotive materials, carbon footprint grade and structure, historical declaration, and emission reduction status; ii) data analysis, which can present the industry’s the most extensive , most minor, and average carbon footprint grades, and analyze carbon footprint grades of products and time sequence of carbon footprint; iii) label management, which supports search via code scanning for detailed information on carbon labels for vehicles, components, and automotive materials; and iv) display of research information, that is the announcement and sharing of standards and regulations, research results, industry information, and emission reduction measures, which can comprehensively present to users “carbon data” of vehicle models.

CPP is open to automotive and supply chain enterprises, government departments, domestic and foreign research institutions, universities, financial institutions, media agencies, etc. It discloses carbon footprint information of vehicle products, component products, and automotive materials. Up to now, CPP has fully disclosed the carbon footprint information of all vehicle models currently on sale in China.

Currently, CPP adopts the “enterprise declaration + third-party accounting” mode to support the publicity of carbon footprint information of automotive products. Upstream and downstream enterprises in the automobile industry chain can complete the filling and submission of carbon emission information through the China Industrial Carbon Emission Information System (CICES), another platform developed by China Automotive Carbon Digital Technology Center Co., Ltd. They collect carbon emission data throughout the whole lifecycle of automotive products, complete product carbon footprint accounting through offline accounting tools, and then publicize carbon footprint through CPP.

CCP can effectively guide carbon emission accounting of enterprises and establish a sound carbon data system for the automobile industry chain. It can help build a carbon footprint data system that covers vehicles, components, and materials, help the whole automobile industry chain establish a clear idea and guide the green and low-carbon development of the automobile industry.

The English version of CPP has also been officially launched. The English version will strongly support international mutual recognition of carbon footprint information for automotive products, help Chinese automotive products go global, and enhance international low-carbon competitiveness. As a major carbon emitter, low-carbon development of the automobile industry is of great significance. Collaborative carbon reduction in the automobile industry is imperative; CPP ‘s operation will help effectively achieve this goal.

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