600 Devils – Explores the Author’s Life as a Smuggler and Undercover Operative

May 03 20:20 2023

Montana – May 3, 2023 – Just two short months after Marjan released his new book 600 Devils, the memoir is generating rave reviews and considerable excitement. He has already been approached by a publisher and a producer/director that has expressed interest in basing a mini-series on the book.

Available on Amazon in a Kindle and paperback edition, 600 Devils explores the author’s extraordinary real-life story and reveals his deep spiritual torment caused by the things he has seen, explored and done. His story has been hidden for more than 40 years and begins at the end of World War II when his parents immigrated to the USA. Readers are immediately drawn into a life of challenges that are interwoven with international intrigue, history, and smuggling adventures.

Born in a refugee camp in Austria, the author managed to overcome the lure of hallucinogens, while dodging conmen, gangsters, and law enforcement. He became a pot dealer, working his way into a position as a personal gopher for a world-class smuggler. His life irrevocably changes when he becomes an undercover operative for what he terms an “adjunct arm” of the U.S. government.

The author introduces readers to an ever-changing cast of characters ranging from drug lords and questionable politicians and government officials to holy men, and high-ranking mafia. Readers travel around the world with Marjan, from quiet tribal environments and jungle locations to sophisticated venues frequented by the illegal elite. Marjan writes eloquently and from the heart, not sparing himself nor his readers from the horror of his and his family’s experiences. He shares insightful nuggets of wisdom learned by living life in the belly of the “dragon” and observing man’s inhumanity to others.

Powerful and moving, “600 Devils” is the true story of one man’s pain, life in the drug trade, and covert work as an undercover operative. It’s also the story of the author’s lifelong journey and search for truth, peace and his ultimate redemption.

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Marjan gave up an outlaw life 40 years ago and moved into the wilds of Montana with his family. He became an entrepreneur, co-founding several businesses. He is now retired and has a passion for helping others.

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