Pelagion Launches the Latest HydroBlade Prototype for Testing to Enhance Rider Control and Performance on the Water

March 29 14:30 2023
The HydroBlade uses hydrofoil technology to raise riders above the water, where they experience less resistance and faster speeds.

Pelagion has launched its latest HydroBlade prototype for testing. The HydroBlade is an exhilarating new watercraft that utilizes hydrofoil technology to lift riders above the water, reducing drag and increasing speed. 

In addition to its dual batteries and motors, the HydroBlade features unique handlebars and a steerable canard that provide key control elements for riders. These control features allow for precise and intuitive maneuvering and give riders unparalleled control over their eFoil.

“We’re excited to be testing the latest prototype. We already confirmed many improvements from the previous version and that our development methods work.” said Jamie Schlinkmann, Founder and lead engineer of Pelagion. “Our team has worked hard to create a truly unique water sports experience that prioritizes rider control and performance. The latest prototype represents a significant step forward in achieving that goal.”

Pelagion is committed to providing the best personal watercraft experience to date. It will refine and test prototypes until safety and enjoyment meet the standards it set out to achieve.

For more information or to register interest in HydroBlade ownership, visit or send an email to Dominique Oliver (Marketing Director) at [email protected]

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