AI newspaper launched by Kolkata-based start-up

January 24 16:50 2023
A start-up based in Kolkata started an AI newspaper to bring changes in the news industry and alter how consumers consume content.

A business based in Kolkata, India called Avifa Infotech Pvt Ltd created Kindaily. The company’s founder, Avijit Sarkar, had a vision for a quick, unobtrusive, and simple way to consume the news. And with Kindaily, they have created precisely that.

Kindaily is a brand-new online news service. This cutting-edge platform is transforming how people consume news by curating and summarizing the top stories from the most trustworthy sources.

To help readers stay up to date on the most crucial events around the world, Kindaily uses AI to pick and summarize news items. The platform also creates breathtaking visuals utilizing state-of-the-art DALL-E technology for each news article, adding to the reading experience’s aesthetic appeal.

The sleek, minimalistic design of Kindaily’s website is intended to improve reading quality and make it simple for visitors to navigate and locate the news that interests them. Readers may be assured that they are always kept up-to-date with the current news because fresh information is updated every few hours.

Avijit Sarkar, the company’s founder, said, “We believe AI has the power to alter the news industry and how consumers consume content. With Kindaily, we are thrilled to realize this goal and give people a fresh way to stay informed and involved in the world. The advanced language model, ChatGPT, and DALL-E technology used to produce all articles and graphics are generated using artificial intelligence. The articles are concise, simple to read, and offer a new, cutting-edge, modern method of reading the news.”

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About Kindaily:

A Kolkata-based business Avifa Infotech Pvt Ltd, created Kindaily. The USP of this platform is that it makes use of AI to pick the news. The company’s founder Avijit Sarkar believes that AI can change the news industry, and this is what led to his starting Kindaily.

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