Famous NFT Art Gallery Switch from Instagram to Twitter

January 17 21:10 2023

HALIG, one of the most well-known art galleries in the NFT industry, has recently undertaken a significant transition from Instagram to Twitter in order to strengthen its profile and accelerate its expansion within the NFT market.

In response to the growing demand for digital artwork from artists all over the globe, the founders of HALIG came to this business choice in order to position the company effectively.

HALIG – the Famous NFT Art Gallery

HALIG is now in a better position to acquire and monetize this expanding customer base as a result of their move to Twitter, which moved their operations.

The primary advantages of making this change are generally split into two categories: first, digital artists who wish to develop and show their work will find that Twitter provides a more sophisticated set of tools and capabilities to assist their efforts.

Second, in comparison to Instagram, it offers a far broader platform with a greater number of prospective clients. As a result, HALIG is able to show its works to customers on a much greater scale and communicate with a much larger audience.

Because Twitter permits longer content posts than Instagram does, it provides users of HALIG with an additional opportunity to showcase their artwork in full detail without having to worry about cutting or resizing it due to space constraints. Moreover, Twitter is a more popular platform than Instagram.

Additionally, it offers them additional room for creative expression as well as new opportunities for projects that they may investigate while making use of the capabilities of the platform.

In addition, when users switch over to Twitter’s app-based payment system, they are able to make payments rapidly while maintaining a high level of security. This results in transactions that are significantly easier to complete, all without the involvement of a third party or any potentially fraudulent activities.

When compared to other systems, such as PayPal or Etsy, where there may be major dangers involved, this makes it considerably safer for customers to purchase art online. Etsy and PayPal are two examples.

Take Away

Overall, the transition from Instagram to Twitter has had many good consequences on the ways in which artists may market their works and the ways in which purchasers connect with them online via HALIG, which is one of the most renowned non-traditional art galleries operating in the world today.

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