Take Advantage of Early Bird Pricing During the Launch of the OUPES Mega 5 Solar Generator

January 16 06:20 2023

OUPES, the clean generator expert providing people with innovative and eco-friendly power solutions, will soon launch its latest product Mega 5 on 16th February on Indiegogo. With 5.04kWh and 4000 watts, OUPES Mega 5 could be the most powerful mobile power station ever and it applies to both home use and commercial use. Its main features can be tracked now on its Indiegogo teaser page.

What Outstanding Features It Includes:

Mega5 is positioned as a home power storage center. It is a unit about the size of a piece of rolling luggage and features a huge capacity and wheels so that users can easily move it from place to place.


● Expandable battery: The battery capacity of Mega 5 is 5.04kWh, with a new extra battery OUPES B5, it’s up to 10.08kWh.

● Rated 4000Watt AC output, surge 7000Watt

● Battery Cell Type: LiFePO4 (with 3500+ charge cycles to 80%)

● Six different port options: 6 * 4000W AC outputs, 4 * USB A , 2 * 60W Type C ports, 1 car output,1 Anderson output port and 2* 5521 DC ports.

● Solar input: Up to 1440W With MPPT, fully recharged in as short as 2.8Hrs;Support Solar+AC (4000W max.) recharge simultaneously, can be fully recharged in 1.5Hrs.

● Extra Protection Built-in: When the device exceeds machine load, the protection will be automatically activated to cut the power off for protecting the home devices and the power station.

● Support UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), can be integrated into home circuit seamlessly and run appliances during power outages for DAYS. 

● Size & Weight: Weighs around 110lb, it can be moved around easily with the help of the pull rod and 4 smooth-rolling wheels. 

● APP Smart Control: With the OUPES app, remotely monitor and control power usage or get power station preset and save electricity bill.

The OUPES Mega 5 solar generator will be launched on 16th February with the product prize disclosed. The biggest discount will be for those who order early. The best way users can get the best discount is to sign up on its Indiegogo teaser page to receive the latest updates and news from the campaign.

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