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New opportunities for global asset allocation, AMCAP follows innovative financial trends

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New opportunities for global asset allocation, AMCAP follows innovative financial trends

November 29
20:48 2022

Epic market rebound adds trillions of dollars to China’s stock market and upward trend will continue. International wealth management agency AMCAP Group research points out that the market rebound has raised the brokerage asset management hot, asset management institution product equity investment style is mainly balanced allocation, selection, so in the fund and stock market has become one of the novel financial selection channels of the stable family.

2022 is the first year of the official implementation of the new asset management regulations. After more than four years of transition, AMCAP Group has completed the transformation reform in business model, organizational structure, mechanism and other aspects, and has begun to move forward on the path of global asset management. AMCAP Group’s entry into the Chinese market, after a three-year transition period, management business combined with science and technology finance continue to exert efforts, the Group’s strategic projects continue to grow with many new development ideas.

At present, AMCAP Group regards financial technology as one of the core competencies of asset management business. On the one hand, it strengthens the research of scientific and technological empowerment investment and enhances the forward-looking nature of investment and research; On the other hand, it accelerates digital transformation and strives to create a leading customer experience in the international wealth management industry. The AMCAP Group has recently achieved the normality of multi-party digital operations. In particular, coordination with third-party ECAP systems. It strengthens user acompany, establishes a good investment and financial environment, guides customers to establish a long-term, scientific investment philosophy. The AMCAP Group has launched an online digital service platform and continues to iterate system functionality. Its online service capabilities are maturing to meet a range of customer business needs.

The AMCAP Group analysis states that in the short term, the outlook for global economic growth has become slow, but that medium- and long-term trends continue to favour investors and asset management industries. Especially in Asia and China, the asset management industry in the Chinese market has moved from partial opening to full institutional opening. Industry competition has moved from dominance to diversification and differentiation of institutions. As well as the growing wealth of basic financial technology tools, these signs of change present new opportunities for global asset allocation.

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