Nurse Coaching: The New Medicine for the Medical Profession around the Globe

November 29 14:39 2022
The Nurse Coach Collective program enables registered nurses in the United States to become world-class clinicians.

The nursing profession has been challenging lately following the COVID-19 era and post-pandemic period. As a professional in the ever-changing healthcare system, there is no denying that rising above the status quo to become a reference point to other professionals is a laborious task. Nursing remains a very important profession and nurses must be equipped to not only provide care but all-around solutions to the well-being of their patients. Sadly, access to helpful resources for their nurses is scarcely available.

On this note, Heather and Peter founded The Nurse Coach Collective which offers a certification program that seeks to help registered nurses in the United States move from being ‘just nurses’ to transformative nurses and health coaches capable of inspiring and empowering their patients to heal and become better. This program is dedicated to elevating the well-being of nurses and patients by training Registered Nurses to practice beyond the traditional and conventional means of nursing, adopting a new and revolutionary style. In short, Heather and Peter’s The Nurse Coach Collective program enables registered nurses in the United States to become world-class clinicians by adopting a coaching approach to the practice of their profession.

“As a nurse health coach, you’ll become an expert in helping your clients take ownership of their wellbeing,” explained Heather Lapides and Peter Giza. “Our Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program is helping Registered Nurses all across the country move away from symptom management and become Nurse Coaches. Nurses learn how to empower their patients to heal from the inside out by taking a whole-person approach to health and healing. This is a revolution, and it does not come at a better time than now.”

The Nurse Coach Collective program is for all Registered Nurses who want to make a change and become holistic nurses. Anyone who aspires to become an innovative nurse health coach should enroll in the Nurse Coach Certification Program. Nurses will be better able to examine each patient’s physical, mental, social, and spiritual requirements and go beyond band-aid solutions by enabling the patient to improve every aspect of his or her life. The program simplifies the procedure that RNs must go through in order to become Board Certified Nurse Coaches.

“As an integrative nurse coach, you help others take charge of their well-being to live happier, healthier lives,” continued Heather Lapides. “Go beyond the quick fix and elevate every element of your patient’s lifestyle–nutrition, movement, mindfulness, sleep, relationships, and more.”

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About The Nurse Coach Collective 

The Nurse Coach Collective was founded by Peter J Giza, RN, BSN, NC-BC, and Heather Lapides, RN, BSN, NC-BC to challenge the healthcare status quo by providing the most accessible and extraordinary path to becoming a world-class Board-Certified Nurse Coach. The organization developed Transformative Nurse Coaching and has built a thriving private practice from the ground up, affecting the lives of registered nurses and patients across the United States.

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