Orthotic Devices Market Size, Share, Devices, Companies | Orthotic Devices Market Analysis

November 16 20:15 2022
Orthotic Devices Market Size, Share, Devices, Companies | Orthotic Devices Market Analysis
Orthotic Devices Market
DelveInsight’s “Orthotic Devices Market Insight & Forecast” report will offer an in-depth understanding of the Orthotic Devices market, further benefiting the competitors or stakeholders operating in the Orthotic Devices arena.

The Global Orthotic Devices Market was valued at USD 2.39 billion in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 5.09% during the forecast period from 2021 to 2026 to reach USD 3.20 billion by 2026.

DelveInsight’s “Orthotic Devices Market Insight & Forecast” report will offer an in-depth understanding of the Orthotic Devices market, further benefiting the competitors or stakeholders operating in the Orthotic Devices arena.

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Orthotic Devices Overview

Orthotic devices are supportive devices that are used in providing support and aligning the affected anatomical region such as the foot, shoulder, or spine. These devices are defined or described by the area of the body that they are treating. 

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Orthotic Devices Market Drivers

Factors such as the growing prevalence of degenerative bone disorders, rising prevalence of neuromuscular diseases, increasing geriatric population, rising number of accident and trauma cases, and the rising number of sports-related injuries among other factors are expected to drive the orthotic devices market.

Orthotic Devices Market Dynamics

One of the major factors driving the orthotic devices market is the rising geriatric population across the globe. Improving healthcare facilities and disposable incomes have been key factors in improving the quality of life and life expectancy in general. The elderly population is susceptible to numerous bone-related disorders and degenerative bone diseases. As per the United Nations in 2020, approximately 727 million people above the age of 65 years were living across the globe. It has been estimated that the elderly population is further expected to double in number reaching over 1.5 billion over the period of three decades. The elderly population is susceptible to developing degenerative bone disorders more frequently than the younger population. Some of the common bone-related diseases are osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and scoliosis among others.

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Orthotic Devices Market Insights

Among all the regions, North America is expected to account for a significant market share in the orthotic devices market. North America is predicted to account for the dominant market share because of the high prevalence of osteoporosis and other bone diseases, rising population of the elderly, an increasing number of neuromuscular diseases as well as high awareness among people regarding disease management and ability to afford such devices and among other factors in the region.

One of the key factors supporting the growth of the North American orthotics devices market is the high prevalence of neuromuscular disorders. As per the data provided by the Muscular Dystrophy Organization (2021), the prevalence of Duchene Muscular Dystrophy is 6 per 100,000 individuals in North America. It is a rare neuromuscular disorder wherein the muscles of the upper arm, thighs, and hips are affected in the early stages. 

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Orthotic Devices Market Segmentation Analysis

1. Orthotic Devices Market by Functionality: Static Orthotic Devices And Dynamic Orthotic Devices

2. Orthotic Devices Market by Product Type: Upper Limb Orthotic Devices [Shoulder, Elbow, Hand & Wrist, And Finger], Lower Limb Orthotic Devices [Foot & Ankle, Knee, Hip, And Others], Spinal Orthotic Devices [Cervical Orthotic Devices (CO), Lumbosacral Orthotic Devices (LSO), and Others])

3. Orthotic Devices Market by Customization: Prefabricated And Customized

4. Orthotic Devices Market by End User: Hospitals & Clinics, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Homecare Settings, and Others

5. Orthotic Devices Market by Geography: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World

Orthotic Devices Companies

Some of the key orthotic devices companies operating in the orthotic devices market include Ottobock, Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics, LeTourneau Prosthetics, and Orthotics, B BOUNDLESS BIOMECHANICAL BRACING INC., Becker Orthopedic, Trulife, Hanger Clinic, Fillauer LLC, Basko Healthcare, Bauerfeind, Breg, Inc, DJO, LLC, Acor Orthopaedic, Inc., Aspen Medical Products, LLC, Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. Allard USA Inc, Steeper Inc, ORTHOMERICA PRODUCTS, INC, Conwell Medical Co., Ltd, Kinetec Medical Products UK Ltd and others.

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