Web3 X to Earn Giant FUTURE STAR Closes $140 Million Financing

September 30 22:48 2022

Recently, Web3 X to Earn giant FUTURE STAR announced $140 million in financing from Metaverse Tech, LNK, SkyG and MW9 and other well-known institutions. The company now has more than 100 core patents in the media field, as well as a core digital currency exchange license in Dubai and a digital currency trading license in the US MSB. This round of financing will be used to grow the future star media ecosystem and provide users with more and better X to Earn options.

Project Overview.

Mission: tocreate a new ecology of super advertising media in the web3 universe

Vision: Make every user a mobile media company, and every user a profitable traffic pool

Value: Innovate the media ecology, make each user a beneficiary of the platform through the attention economy model, and share the benefits of the web3 universe media industry

In the Internet era, every users’ attention is very precious, yet most people do not realize or directly ignore this point. Users’ attention belongs to targeted traffic, which itself even directly carries its own conversion properties. Further, it will directly make the platform, merchants or big users profitable. Under the Skyrocket, users either become paying users or traffic/hotness providers.

The advent of the Web 3 era has completely changed this, and Future Star has leveraged its years of experience in the media field to successfully launch a new model for making money from advertising in the Web 3 era. The user’s attention or contribution of heat and traffic will be directly linked to economic incentives. One can get their digital assets issued by the platform, Star Coin, by watching ads, and participating in interactions and promotion.

Project model.

It is important to note that Future Star does not require detailed personal information to register, nor does it require strict KYC, and that data is stored on a decentralized blockchain platform while transactions are transparent in terms of privacy data protection.

Future Star offers 5 ways to Watch to Earn, i.e., watch ads and earn star coins.

1. Rewards for new registrants: Encourage real name authentication and authentic use.

2. Loyalty and referral rewards: encourage promotion to pull in new and group wealth.

3. Reward for watching video ad content: Encourage users to watch ads and cash in on attention at their fingertips.

4. Rewards for reading and interaction (comments, likes): complementary to watching advertising videos to meet the diversified needs of users.

5. Running reward: people can earn tokens by walking/jogging/running every day to manage people health and achieve people carbon neutrality goal.

6. Other rewards: high-frequency product iterations and the continuous introduction of new features to improve and grow the media ecology.

The above basically covers all the behaviors of a user from registration to usage cycle. Objectively speaking, Future Star is the most comprehensive and best-used advertising media product on the market, and the dark horse that has the most potential to truly create a new ecology of web 3 media!

Project Highlights.

1. Team Advantage

The core team has a very good cross-industry working background and entrepreneurial experience in media and blockchain, and the company’s media team has many executives from famous companies such as Nifty, Jitterbug, YouTube, etc. The team’s advantage in industry resources and experience is rare, and it is called a heavenly team in the media industry.

2. Economic model and mechanism advantages

Economic model is the brain and soul of a project. As we all know, most blockchain projects are very profitable in the early stage, but under the underlying logic of most projects, it is difficult to sustain the money-making effect of users, and most of the projects will even lead to investors’ loss of money and a disastrous end of the project. Based on the top-level design of the original economic model, the project cycle can be extended indefinitely, and the money-making effect will last forever; at the same time, the media ecology links both advertisers and users, and the project can continue to receive large amounts of payments from advertisers and brands based on its huge traffic, which makes the project have a strong self-sustaining ability.

3. Media ecological advantages

Futter Star ecology can be very easy for users to understand and accept, through reading and watching ads they can earn a lot of economic income, I believe no one will refuse such a product. It can be said that Futter Star is a media aircraft carrier with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Jitterbug, Xiaohongshu and TikTok, and the scale advantage and business aggregation effect brought by the ecology is unmatched by any single media product. The advantages of scale and business aggregation brought by the ecology are unmatched by any single media product.

Future Star commercialization process

1. Become a flow vortex

At present, a large number of information and short video applications have attracted most of the attention of users, and become the gold-sucking overlords in the attention economy. Then, in the attention economy, the content is not the most critical part, the attraction of economic benefits is the winning formula, people tend to profit instincts and genetic decision, if an application if people can make a profit, it will be invincible! Future Star is such a product. This is the trend to make, human nature to make!

2. Become Facebook and tiktok in web3

What’s the first thing people do to get traffic?

Future Star is not the kind of highly bundled social app that users won’t part with. Future Star will open up multiple commercialization at the first sign of becoming a traffic vortex, allowing users to make money in several different ways at any time.

3. the ultimate body for one-step connection monetization

It is a very difficult thing to monetize the traffic through the form of brand advertising, on the one hand, only the kind of companies with a high brand premium can afford to play to find the experts to shoot a short video that can not quickly get converted; on the other hand, it is difficult for ordinary players to accumulate fans or personal influence to a level that can bring premium for the brand. That is, this is the way the head players play, just like WeChat Public, Little Red Book.

Not content with that, Future Star connected directly to the end of the line for monetization – the advertisers.

Media ecology links the advertisers and users at both ends, the project based on their own huge traffic, can continue to get advertisers and brands and pay large amounts, making the project have a strong self-sustainable ecology. Advertisers with future star, always find a convenient channel to obtain users, users can also be on future star to get a constant stream of attention income!


Since its launch, Future Star has received $140 million in financing from Metaverse Tech, LNK/SKYG and MW9. The company has more than 100 core patents in the media field, as well as core qualifications such as the Dubai digital currency exchange license and the US MSB digital currency trading license. With the corporate brand concept of “Committing to every brand to be remembered by the world”, the company has launched the “300 million fans diversion plan”, formed a community fan group, shared the benefits of the industry globally, made money by watching ads, shared profits, shared wealth, and enjoyed three major pipelines Revenue: advertising fees, brand rebates, channel profit-sharing. Future Star focuses on building the Web3.0 meta-universe advertising ecology, from strategic design to user data, marketing tools, creative communication to achieve a closed loop, thus stimulating the infinite future of the advertising industry.

Future Star has been followed by professional media such as Bloomberg, Forbes, Reuters and Nasdaq, and has been favored by top tier exchanges such as cryptocurrency and kucoin, and continues to receive daily investment intentions from top stream investment institutions, including traditional media majors such as Murdoch.

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