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Seeing Web3: Viide looks to reform attention economy

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Seeing Web3: Viide looks to reform attention economy

April 26
16:36 2022

NFTs are eating the world. Collectors spent $21 billion trading art and collectibles last year, up from $67 million in 2020, according to the industry report from DappRadar. As the market explodes, Viide and its view-to-earn NFT frame shed some real light on Web3 advertising and aims to change the status quo with a DAO-based ecosystem.

Viide comes from the Latin word ‘vide’, which means ‘see’, with an extra ‘i’ meaning the new identity in Web3.

As a Web3-native utility, Viide is an NFT frame to begin with, but it dials much deeper than a showcasing device. Apart from presenting a cutting-edge curation, it’s designed with a built-in ecosystem that has the potential to be the game changer in attention economy.

Since 2022, several NFT frames have made their debut since the need of going physical has become so dire for NFT holders. Many blue chip collectors haven’t diversified their collections with NFTs because there wasn’t an exalted way to view the minted art. These frames deliver exactly and the market has spoken for them.

Viide not only solves the problem of curation but brings more insight into the frame itself, bearing the vision to develop an ecosystem and build an empowering DAO. Viide Frame, as the landing products into attention economy, offers from tabletop frame to wall-mount canvas to display all kinds of NFTs. It also streams NFT-related content and recommends it to users in a non-disturbing way. And as it does so, it fraternizes users with all these advertising activities by distributing tokenized rewards such as bounties provided by advertisers.

With all advertising fees are fully shared by users and the ecosystem, it would be the real game changer: shaping a Web3-native and decentralized advertising platform shared by users and advertisers.

To achieve that, Viide has envisaged three stages in its strategic ambition from individual empowerment to DAO-based ecosystem.

To pave the ground of Web3 advertising, the first step would be leveraging the attention value for Viide users, which is sloganized as ‘own your attention, earn from your attention’. It sounds a bit like mining but it’s actually an incentivizing system based on user value.

The pavement is followed by governance that users are engaged in building the ecosystem for themselves. As Viide opens to public screens, massive amount of traffic and attention would be harbored and embraced in DAO ecosystem. Millions of token holders would benefit hugely from the growth and governance. Some nodes may serve as brokers, brewing a new type of advertisers in Web3.

In the final, Viide reforms the economy. Viide frame has become omni-present by covering world’s major mega billboards such as those in Time Square and Super Bowl. Empowered by ecosystem and DAO, Viide may really make an impact and reshape Web2 business.

Now world is seeing how Viide does it.

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