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The Future of Crypto Interest Rate Speculation is Here With the Strips Exchange

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The Future of Crypto Interest Rate Speculation is Here With the Strips Exchange

April 19
13:32 2022
Decentralizing the greatest OTC derivatives market and empowering crypto traders to profit from it

Strips, a trailblazer in the world of interest rate derivatives, is proud to bring its interest rate swap (IRS) exchange to crypto traders from around the globe. Powered by the Arbitrum exchange and leveraging derivatives instead of tokens, Strips is accessible, capital-efficient, and flexible. Interest yield trading is one of the most exciting developments in decentralized finance, and it’s here already thanks to the world’s first native decentralized fixed interest rate trading exchange on Arbitrum.

While decentralized finance has many interest products with variable rates, Strips is trailblazing in the fixed-rate segment by offering a decentralized counterpart of what’s popularly known as an interest rate swap (IRS).

IRS enables the conversion of variable rates to fixed rates. However, unlike other projects, Strips is blending its own innovation into the mix by utilizing derivatives instead of tokens. Not only does this strategic choice translate into superior ease of use and capital efficiency, but it also leads to higher flexibility. Strips has laid down the foundation for other protocols to leverage its robust solution and deliver fixed-rate products of their own such as bonds and debt markets.

Furthermore, Strips has consciously picked Arbitrum as its network of choice because it’s the fastest Layer-2 chain with extremely low fees. For traders, this means that they can take advantage of an exchange with sub-second transaction execution and a capacity of 4,500 executions per second.

It is also possible to magnify results by taking advantage of leveraged interest rate derivative trading, with the exchange offering up to 10X leverage. Natively decentralized fixed-rate interest trading is no longer a distant dream—with Strips, the future of interest trading is here and it’s accessible to all market participants.

To learn more about Strips and how it’s unlocking the gates to crypto interest rate trading, visit https://strips.finance/.

About Strips

Made of both legacy and decentralized finance veterans and backed by prominent investors like SEQUOIA and Crypto.com, Strips is on an ambitious mission to empower crypto traders with fixed interest rate products. While empowering crypto traders with the trading, speculating, and hedging of interest rates across DeFi and CeFi funding rates is the first major milestone, the journey will continue as Strips hopes to facilitate all areas of decentralized interest trading.


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