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Paralyzed Man and Girlfriend Build a Tiny Home on Wheels With No DIY Experience And Drive It To The Arctic

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Paralyzed Man and Girlfriend Build a Tiny Home on Wheels With No DIY Experience And Drive It To The Arctic

January 13
15:00 2022
Paralyzed Man and Girlfriend Build a Tiny Home on Wheels With No DIY Experience And Drive It To The Arctic
A couple of travel enthusiasts from the UK, take viewers on an adventure to the Arctic in their campervan. Claire and Craig, who is paralyzed, converted an empty van into a Tiny Home on Wheels without any DIY experience.

Their desire to live and travel in a van started in 2015 when they hired a campervan during a trip to New Zealand. They saved up with the aim of purchasing their own campervan in 2019. Unfortunately, before they could do so, Craig was involved in a freak cycling accident that left him paralyzed – without the use of 65% of his body. Despite this, they never lost hope.

They still wanted to fulfill their dream but faced another obstacle of purchasing a suitable van for Craig’s disabilities. In the beginning, they hoped to buy a pre-converted van, but no vans met their specifications. They then considered commissioning someone to perform a conversion on their behalf, but the long lead times and high cost of expert conversions eliminated that possibility as well. They did not let this stop them and despite their lack of prior DIY experience, they successfully modified the van themselves in six months.

The couple shared, “Converting the van ourselves was not at all easy, but it has definitely been worth it. Traveling in a van now brings a whole new meaning to the word freedom; it has given us the ability to be spontaneous again.” 

They further added, “Going through a life-changing experience made us realize that if you want to do things in life, you should prioritize them as you never know how long you’ll be able to do these things. For us, that meant traveling as much as possible. We know we already can’t experience all of the things we’d like to anymore, so our number one priority is to experience the things we can while we still can.”

After completing the self-conversion of the empty van they drove to continental Europe, where they lived in the campervan full-time while traveling 6000 miles to the Arctic while documenting their journey on their YouTube channel.

They are currently upgrading a larger van and intend to live in it full time once complete. They wish to drive it to the Alps and then up to the northernmost point of mainland Europe before shipping it over the Atlantic. 

For further information, contact Claire and/or Craig through email at [email protected] or visit their YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz9GH7exXcW04cz8lyr-B8Q.

About Claire and Craig

Craig, a paraplegic guy, and Claire, his girlfriend, turned an empty VW Transporter van into a Tiny Home on Wheels with no prior DIY experience and traveled 6000 miles to the Arctic. Follow them on Instagram @claireandcraigtravel for updates.

Camper Van Build Full Timelapse: https://www.youtube.com/embed/N-1PHuBAkeY

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