Interview with Rising Actress Isla Cervelli

December 03 18:48 2021

Here are some excerpts from the Interview of Rising Actress Isla Cervelli:

“I did a movie this year that I never thought I would love so much. The movie is called Stream and it’s full of action and horror. I literally had to fly in to two different states to be able to make this movie. “Stream” is a movie that captures peoples most vulnerable fears. It really gets in your mind about how scary things like that can be possible in real life. I love horror movies, because of the drama/ suspense involved. The possibility of being in such a vulnerable and delicate predicament frightens me so much. I think it terrifies anyone, so get ready to watch the film! Because it’s really scary!! I was put in a situation that it was very uncomfortable, although very interesting because I was able to feel those emotions so deep and so strong. My whole body shook of so much fear that my character could feel in such situations.” – Isla Cervelli

On asked if she finds it more challenging to do horror than other genres, Isla says “I love horror!! The drama involved and suspense! When you are passionate about acting everything just flows. Feeling emotions through the character, even if it’s a sad one it’s really amazing and rewarding. I love comedy too, romance and other genres. But definitely now horror is one of my biggest favorites. You definitely don’t want to miss it out!”

On a question regarding the weather which was not very favorable when she was traveling to New York and what she do in situations like that, Actress Isla Cervelli replied “My flight was scheduled on the same day when a storm/hurricane was hitting New York. I couldn’t cancel my flight I had to make sure I was going to be on set. Even when friends pilots and a pilot at the airport told me not to risk myself flying I still took a risk.  Even if it meant to be in spirit.. Isla (laughs). When you love what you do, nothing can really stop you.”

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