Commons Foundation Secures Sustainable Clean Energy in Paraguay

November 17 13:47 2021
Golden Goose project started in earnest by securing clean energy in Paraguay

Commons Foundation officially announced that it had signed a contract to secure 6 megawatts of electricity generated by hydroelectric power, a carbon-neutral, sustainable, clean energy in Paraguay.

From left, Paraguay COMMONS PY .SA. CEO Hae-seok Lee, COMMONS FOUNDATION Chairman Yong-kwan Choi, and Paraguayan Finance Minister Oscar Llamosas Diaz take a commemorative photo after discussing the details of their business entry into Paraguay. (Photo Credit=Commons Foundation)

It also announced that it will secure a total of 200 megawatts of power by signing a use contract with the administration to build LED and power supply production lines and blockchain data centers on the site of 60 hectares near Paraguay’s largest substation.

Paraguay’s Itaipu Dam, the world’s largest hydroelectric power generation (Photo Credit=Commons Foundation)

This will create employment for about 1,000 new high-end manpower in Paraguay, and transfer Korea’s advanced knowledge and technology to Paraguay to establish Paraguay, the heart of South America, as a production base for producing high-value products.

The currently secured 6-megawatt power contract marks the start of the Golden Goose project. After that, he announced that he would build the largest blockchain data center in the world by continuously increasing the amount of electricity.

Currently, the world is engaged in a war to secure digital assets and secure sustainable energy in response to climate change. However, the reality is that most of the electricity required to produce and manage it depends on electricity generated from thermal power or nuclear power, which leaves a carbon footprint.

Accordingly, Commons Foundation has been persistently in contact with Paraguay to create a sustainable structure that produces and manages digital assets using electricity generated from hydroelectric power that saves the earth and leaves no carbon footprint.

Founder Yongkwan Choi of the Commons Foundation is the first generation of Korean blockchain technology that has been engaged in the development and research of P2P-related technologies and activities for the COMMONS of society since 2000 in Korea.

With Paraguay’s power secured this time, Founder Yongkwan Choi said, “By continuously securing large-scale and sustainable energy that can help us escape the global climate change and crisis, we will change human lives and save the planet, and through the production activities and profits of the Commons structure, people around the world.

We hope that it will create an opportunity to resolve the inequality and polarization facing the economy and will be able to improve the financial instability and the devastated lives of the people, especially in Latin America, which has the most vulnerable structure in the world.”

About Commons Foundation

Commons Foundation is a global community that creates the Commons ecosystem through research, support, and shaping of social and conscious change. The goal of Commons Foundation is to implement a sustainable and fair Commons-based peer-to-peer culture, economy, governance and social model.

Commons Foundation promotes the movement of open access to knowledge, promotes public research and development, and promotes knowledge commons activities such as knowledge pools in healthcare through institutional reform. In addition, we are carrying out activities such as the commons of AI, block chain, big data computation and processing, and the commons distribution of profits from economic activities, securing sustainable clean energy to save the earth, and establishment of a blockchain data center. 


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