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BCIC Spearheads Financial Literacy Amongst Youth Athletes

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BCIC Spearheads Financial Literacy Amongst Youth Athletes

September 02
02:12 2021

New York, NY – Willie Johnson and Lynwood Powell are childhood friends descending from Ypsilanti, Michigan. Both were prodigious student athletes receiving athletic scholarships to major universities, but they found themselves unprepared for the financial realities of adulthood. After struggling but ultimately figuring it out successfully, they decided the next generation shouldn’t have to do it the hard way. They wanted to take action on a fundamental oversight in the American public school system: the teaching of financial literacy.

Seeing how the tremendous disparities in wealth stem from a lack of basic money knowledge, the duo opened the Bad Credit is Childish business, and its innovative Bad Credit is Childish Academy (BCIC Academy) in 2016. Functioning as an extension of Michigan-based Time Travel Credit Repair, BCIC Academy is a platform where student athletes build credit and are taught financial accountability and responsibility. The Academy goes the extra mile by providing students with the opportunity to start their adult life off with a 700 plus credit score by the age of 17. They even have programs that assist with big first purchases like a car or a home, and offer guidance on stepping into the world of investments, both in fiat stocks and cryptocurrency. With inventive tools like financial literacy flash cards, and easy-to-access digital resources like a statement date planner, start-up guides to investment and real estate, and a downloadable dispute letter, Johnson and Powell are passionate about setting their students up for success. 

Beyond the Academy, Bad Credit is Childish as a brand is flourished with the tag line “It’s time to grow up”. A call-to-action for adults. Working in tandem with Time Travel Credit Repair, the parent company whose core business is credit restoration, the duo aims to do just that. The matter-of-fact name certainly intends to spark candid conversations about financial literacy, the importance of credit, and how financial freedom is more involved than simply paying off debt and avoiding new debtors. With glowing reviews on both Facebook and Google, BCIC is certainly proving its point and changing lives for the better. 

BCIC is affiliated with Celebrity Sports Entertainment (CSE) a company that produces grand events featuring movie stars, celebrity athletes and more. Johnson and Powell were in attendance at CSE’s recent Great Gatsby themed event at Long Island’s Oheka Castle. Attendees included Ja Rule, Sisqo, Cuba Gooding Junior, Michael Vick and Floyd Mayweather among others. This is a prescient partnership as both Johnson and Powell are inspired by the likes of Michael Vick, Michael Jordan and Deion Sanders, prolific athletes that quite literally changed their respective games. In the same vein, it is the mission of the Bad Credit is Childish brand to change the game of financial literacy for student athletes, in particular.

Follow Bad Credit is Childish on Instagram or Facebook @BadCreditisChildish for the adult division and @BCICAcademy for the student division. Johnson and Powell also do a titular podcast where they explain, with candor and humor, different aspects about credit and finances, in general. It is available on Apple, Spotify, or wherever one gets their podcasts.

More info: www.badcreditischildish.com

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