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Travelory: Smart Travel Assistant For Both Leisure Travelers and Travel Bloggers

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Travelory: Smart Travel Assistant For Both Leisure Travelers and Travel Bloggers

June 23
12:31 2021
Travelory: Smart Travel Assistant For Both Leisure Travelers and Travel Bloggers

A Unique & Complete Platform To Create Travel Memories
KindaKewl Solutions announces the launch of the Travelory app, a smart travel assistant to commemorate idyllic trips around the world. Many have traveled to a holiday destination they occasionally reminisce over. Gaps in memory ensure those priceless moments are a hazy past. Travelory equips users with the ability to craft travel stories and blogs that’ll live on forever! The app comes equipped with many fun features, including co-author blogging, which is just the tip of the iceberg!

Travelory is for leisure travelers who want a detailed account of holiday adventures to reminisce over or create mementos in the way of printed shirts, mugs, etc. The app maps out a traveler’s vacation in a detailed geographical breakdown, allowing users to retrace holiday steps with friends and family who might have missed out on the experience or need a little reminder. Users can use the auto-generated blog to create specific memento gifts to mark special dates and trips users may have taken. 

Additionally, travelers can also use Travelory to plan trips. “74% of travelers use the internet and user-generated content to plan trips and to find proper restaurants and places to visit, in which a lot of time is wasted,” explains Arpit Gattani, CEO KindaKewl Solutions. “Although the internet helps a lot, users have to navigate multiple websites to find information, plan a trip and create a blog to share memories with friends and family, which is tech-intensive and time-consuming. Travelory solves all of these problems.” 

For professional travel bloggers, recalling details for blogs can be a painstaking affair. Some important details often fall out of memory and statistics may be misrepresented as well. The Travelory app records important trip details and generates a blog for the visit, encompassing all the important locations visited. Sometimes two heads are better than one and that’s where the co-author feature comes in. Users can collaborate on a blog post with other people they shared a trip or vacation with to offer different perspectives and enrich the same blog content. 

The co-author feature is for both the recreational traveler/blogger and the professional. One user who owns the blog can grant access to many other users. Users can do this by providing “Edit“ access to other travelers who in turn contribute unique experiences to a single blog post. Alternatively, the owner can only provide “view” access where other co-authors can only see the content as it is but not change it. 

The app also deals with record-taking during trips. That way, travelers can focus on the trip and have fun instead of splitting time with manual recording. The app then automatically generates a blog and sends a summary of the trip via email.

Travelory also helps users gauge how active or adventurous trips were so they can plan better for next time. The app determines a trip’s pace from a formula involving visited places and distance metrics. 

As part of a Covid-conscious user experience, Travelory lists nearby pharmacies and hospitals in case travelers need medical assistance in unfamiliar locations. The app lowers downtime by offering contact details for various emergency service providers in the area of need.

To ensure maximum privacy and security of data, Travelory abides by a strict data policy. Users get full control over their data and exclusively decide how to use it or keep it private. “Travelory provides total control over what is shared and with whom it is shared,” the security team elaborates.   

App requirements:

Android Device Requirement:

• Require Android 5.1 and Up

• Size: 35M

iOS Device Requirement:

• iOS 11.0 or later

• Compatible with iPhone

• Size: 111.7 MB

Pricing and Availability

Travelory is available for free to download on both the Google PlayStore and the Apple App Store under the category Travel & Local and Travel respectively. 

About Company:

KindaKewl is a tech company that seeks to make everyday life simpler by providing simple solutions to complex problems. It specializes in AI-based blogging platforms like travel blogs, food blogs etc, offering innovative solutions such as Travelory for common problems that plague the modern-day travel blogger or casual traveler.

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Country: United States
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