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Incredible Xinjiang | “Unlock” the charm of Bagua-shaped county in NW China’s Xinjiang

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Incredible Xinjiang | “Unlock” the charm of Bagua-shaped county in NW China’s Xinjiang

June 22
03:21 2021

The Tekes County in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is designed according to the pattern of Bagua or Eight Trigrams. 

Overlook of Tekes County. (Provided by local government)

Bagua, or Eight Trigrams, represents harmony in Taoist cosmology. The county’s layout has four ring roads that connect 64 streets,including 8 main ones that radiate from the center. 

Surrounded by mountains, neither the heatwave and dust from Taklimakan desert in the south, nor the cold air from Siberia in the north can reach this county. As a result, it is warm in winter and cool in summer. Even in the hottest season, the average temperature is only 18 degrees Celsius. 

To protect this national historic and cultural county and maintain the orderly structure of Bagua, buildings above five stories are not allowed to be built here. 

The layout of the whole county is in a moderate slope, higher in northwest and lower in southeast. As a result, the water supply plant is located in the highest position in the northwest, while the sewage treatment plant is located in the lowest point in the southeast. The water supply and drainage need neither pressure nor decompression, which saves costs and energy. And in China, there is no other county nor city like Tekes County does not need a secondary pumping station and a decompression pool for water supply and drainage. 

The night view of Tekes County.

And it is amazing that when people walk down the street, you can not feel any slope. 

In the Tekes County,things related to the Eight Trigrams of Tai Chi can be seen everywhere,the street lamps even the dustbins are decorated with the pattern. 

The landmark, a 26 meters high tower building, is consisted with a black and a white column, shaping like Chinese character “ba”(eight), as well as the farming tool plough. It is symbolized the yin and yang, the two opposing principles in nature, and also implying the great efforts of locals  to build this county more than 80 years ago, telling the story that 20 oxen pulled plowshare to plough the 8 main street. 

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