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Chan Lok Man, A Famous Chinese Doctor and a Guardian of Children’s Health

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Chan Lok Man, A Famous Chinese Doctor and a Guardian of Children’s Health

June 12
00:40 2021

He is highly acclaimed Dr. Chan, a rigorous practitioner. He is a well-known pediatric medical expert and first aid pioneer in China. He has many titles such as Fellow of the Hong Kong College of Paediatricians, Fellow of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, etc. He is Chan Lok Man, Associate Consultant (Paediatrics) of Hong Kong Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital.

Dr. Chan Lok Man, who has been in the field of medicine for more than 20 years, has been working in the front line of pediatric diagnosis and treatment, and constantly exploring and climbing the peak of medicine. Those who know him are impressed by his persistence and love for pediatric medicine.

As a renowned expert in pediatric medicine in China, Chan Lok Man has always advocated and insisted on practicing precision medicine, emphasizing the effective use of multiple methods to improve the whole process management, not only to achieve accurate diagnosis, but also to achieve timely, precise and safe treatment.

Take the common kidney disease in children as an example. If this type of disease is not taken seriously, it may lead to a variety of complications or develop into uremia, which will seriously affect the normal growth and development of children. Unlike other departments, paediatrics deals with a group of children in the process of growth and development, who are more vulnerable to medications than adults. And not only that, the treatment and management of a 30-day-old newborn with kidney disease is certainly different from that of a 12-year-old child. Early diagnosis and early intervention are the keys to delay the deterioration of renal function and reduce complications. In order to achieve precision medicine and keep children away from effective but potentially threatening treatments, Dr. Chan Lok Man is constantly conducting scientific research. Meanwhile, he always checks it over and over again to ensure the accuracy of the data. It is his unremitting persistence and thirst for knowledge that makes Chan Lok Man continuously promote breakthroughs and innovations in paediatrics diagnosis and treatment technology. Dr. Chan Lok Man has applied and improved the ultrasound-guided percutaneous kidney biopsy and automatic peritoneal dialysis technology to minimize patient pain while developing individualized treatment plans, so that the survival rate of children exceeds 95%, reaching the international advanced level. His research result for steroid dependent nephrotic syndrome, Rituximab for Steroid Dependent Nephrotic Syndrome in Chinese Children, has been published and has received praise from colleagues at home and abroad.

In addition to continuously improving his own medical academic level, Dr. Chan Lok Man has taken the initiative to play his leading role in paediatrics medical care, calling on all walks of life to pay attention to and promote the early prevention, early examination, early treatment and early control of kidney disease in children. On top of that, he has not only promoted new treatment techniques and research results at international conferences such as the 14th Asian Congress of Pediatric Nephrology, the 17th Congress of the International Pediatric Nephrology Association, etc., leading the way in the development of cutting-edge international paediatrics technology, but also has participated in various voluntary activities in the busy schedule to provide the general public with professional guidance on disease prevention and treatment, and to establish medical information channels with wider coverage.

Unlike primary nephropathy, hereditary nephropathy is caused by genetic mutations that can involve all parts of the kidney and even cause lesions in the eyes, ears, bones, etc. In this regard, Dr. Chan Lok Man has pioneered the application and active promotion of molecular testing technology to analyze and treat children with kidney disease from the genetic. Moreover, he has performed numerous kidney transplants for children with congenital and hereditary nephropathy, with a survival rate of more than 98%, reaching the top level of the world. What is more, he also advocated the establishment of a database on genetic kidney disease in children with an international sharing mechanism: “In the era of big data, data sharing has become an essential condition for medical informatization. We should make good use of data mining and data analysis to establish a database that not only helps to understand the global situation of kidney disease in children, but also helps to carry out further medical research and improve the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease in children worldwide.”

Dr. Chan Lok Man knows doctors better with his years of medical experience. In his eyes, doctor is not only a job, but also a responsibility. Children with kidney disease are a special group. Therefore, he is not only a doctor, but also a friend, a family member and even a psychiatrist to his patients.

As a doctor, he puts himself in the shoes of his patients and families, and treats each patient professionally and patiently. He has done a lot more than just provide precision medicine, such as caring about the mental state of patients, alleviating the negative emotions of patients’ families, fine-tuning the budget for families in financial difficulties, and even initiating charity relief activities.

As a medical researcher, he is studying intensely, forging ahead and pioneering. In pursuit of professional development and advancement, he has pursued broader and higher-level courses in Paediatrics Advanced Life Support, Interfacility Critical Care Transport Medicine Course, Advanced Trauma Life Support and so on.

In recent years, Dr. Chan Lok Man has led the development of several manuals, expert consensus, and normative standards in the prevention and treatment of key diseases to meet the needs of preventive care, frequently-occurring diseases, difficult and critical illnesses, and trauma emergencies in children. The standardized treatment and medication standards established by him have also been unanimously recognized by his peers for their high scientific and universality, and have been widely implemented in many countries, providing medical workers with a powerful tool for treating diseases and bringing health benefits to countless patients.

The road to medicine is difficult and long. Dr. Chan Lok Man tells everyone with perseverance and love that although the roads are full of thorns, there will always be people on the way to protect the health of the general public!

Reporter: Paul Lee 

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