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Beyond the Cup: Coffee Cup Reading’s Cross-Generational Appeal

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Beyond the Cup: Coffee Cup Reading’s Cross-Generational Appeal

June 11
03:12 2021

Dubai – June 10, 2021 – The art of coffee cup reading continues to be popular more than 1,000 years later. Even though industries are recurrently disrupted by the ongoing generations of millennials, Gen Z, and Gen X, yet, the appeal of coffee cup reading is still so powerful that the coffee cup industry continues its growth trend within the 21st century.

The Arab World, in particular, is credited for brewing coffee given its stimulant powers with coffee in the Middle East regarded as a symbol of hospitality, generosity, and companionship.


Technology continues to disrupt most industries and coffee cup reading is no exception. However, it remains distinctive when compared to other industries with technology disruption oriented towards enhancing the connectivity of users, seeking coffee cup readings, to specialized analysts and professionals in the field – rather than simply changing the product and its related processes, amongst which coffee cup reading.

Basirly is an entertainment application that digitizes the art of coffee cup reading, granting users access to highly talented and professional coffee cup readers. The art of coffee cup reading remains untouched by technology whereby specialists continue to perform the analysis of symbols and signs. However, technology provides users with a library of professionals and offers the mechanism of reviewing their profile and rating, completing transactions or payments, and communicating via voice or video calls.



The art of coffee cup reading, again still untouched by technology, is driven by the experience and know-how of the service provider who has learned and acquired such skillset throughout the years and in most cases passed on from generation to another. This involves thoroughly understanding the process of coffee cup reading: symbols to ignore, symbols carrying a bigger weight, handle aura, bottom area, front rim, and others.

Users in the Middle East, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, and Turkey rely on Basirly’s technology so as to gain access to global coffee cup reading professionals speaking their language. Moreover, the application promotes the entertaining and engaging aspect of communicating with specialist via audio or video calls, thus optimizing user experience and comfort – accessing such services has traditionally been reserved to face-to-face meetings and this is no longer the case.


According to the founders Karim Charif and Fouad Itani, “the success of Basirly is largely due to the high quality of the service providers and the reliability of the technology of voice, audio, and video.”

This live interaction has embedded a personal touch and a companionship-feel into the application’s readings, thus offering users a unique experience which they did not hesitate to share with the Basirly community. Users from around the world and in varied languages, amongst which English, Arabic and Spanish, have recommended the Application and shared their personal experiences and attachment to the readings as part of their day-to-day activities:

“Fair rates, real psychics, I can’t believe it actually works!!! Thank you for this REAL and very useful app.

“Me encanto, llegue a ella justo cuando más la necesitaba, la vidente fue muy amable, sus consejos, muy acertada. Muchas gracias!” – “I loved it, I contacted the psychic reader when I needed her most and she was very kind, her advice was very successful. Thank you!”

برنامج يجنن ، أنا مدمنة عليه كتير ما اقدر بدون بصرلي، برنامج رائع

بصراحة واو ، أحسن تطبيق مر علي” – “ Incredible application, I am addicted to it so much and I can not function without it. It is a great application, honestly the best app I have ever used. 

People want answers and purpose, to make sense of their lives and feel something magical within themselves. They want to know that everything will be OK; that they will survive, be successful, fall in love, be healthy and happy. Although the tarot or coffee reading cannot directly give you this, it surely can prod you in the right direction, while assisting you to overcome the hurdles that have previously held you back. Tarot cards and coffee reading provide the seeds to build a more spiritually connected life. Most of practitioners recommend that you get a deck and start a lifetime journey that will enlighten, empower and very often amaze you.

The founders are very experienced in technology and communication and have brought in their experience to the industry of coffee cup reading. Accordingly, they put their forces together and worked hard with their teams to develop a service that builds on their telecommunication and technology track-records and caters for those seeking to experience the ancient arts in a modern, revolutionary way. Over the past few years, Basirly has witnessed tremendous growth across the Middle East, Europe, and Northern and Southern America under Charif’s and Itani’s leadership.

A reading can be a very emotional experience. Just hearing the thoughts and memories that a loved one on the other side is bringing through to the medium can stir so many emotions. Some might be ready to deal with these emotions, and some might need more time before they are able to receive the communication.


Entertainment applications continue to show ongoing growth across multiple markets and are characterized by their high user-retention rates. To that end, Coffee Cup Reading is an entertainment activity that is more than 1,000 years old and is today capitalizing on available “easy-access” online platforms like Basirly to boost its appeal and user retention rates.

Basirly is therefore expanding its service offering by connecting its users to a plethora of highly qualified multi-lingual specialized service providers across five languages, English, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, and Spanish – thus securing an international reach and capitalizing on the ongoing demand for psychic readings (coffee cup reading amongst others) around the world. In fact, given the application’s continued development, the founding shareholders are being approached by a number of regional and international individual investors, institutional investors and specialized funds that are all looking to embark, hand-in-hand with the founders, on this promising endeavor and in turn elevate the platform to another level.

You can download the app for Android here and iOS here.

About Basirly

Founded in 2016 by Karim Charif and Fouad Itani, Basirly is an entertainment platform that rejuvenates the ancient and extremely popular psychic reading art by providing a platform to match users with real certified psychics in English, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, and Spanish.




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