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WIMI Hologram Cloud Has Excellent Interaction in the Light Field of 5G Holographic Communication, Google’s New Holographic 3D Video Conference Technology Is Exposed

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WIMI Hologram Cloud Has Excellent Interaction in the Light Field of 5G Holographic Communication, Google’s New Holographic 3D Video Conference Technology Is Exposed

June 10
07:12 2021

Hong Kong – Tailor Insight, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report “WIMI Hologram Cloud Has Excellent Interaction in the Light Field of 5G Holographic Communication, Google’s New Holographic 3D Video Conference Technology Is Exposed”. In the early morning of May 20th, Beijing time, the 2021 Google I/O (Developer Day) was officially held. This conference was conducted in the form of an online live broadcast, which lasted three hours. This time, the Google Developer Day launched technical discussions on the chip TPU, conversational voice AI, holographic 3D video chat, Android 12 system, real-time AR map, quantum computer, and personal privacy protection.

Google has delivered a series of keynote speeches to consumers and developers. In addition to the regular updates and iterations of the Android 12 system details, Jeff Dean, vice president of Google’s research and health department, specifically proposed the relevant details of the tensor processing unit (TPU) chip, which can be used to carry out AI training and then generate AI models, and is expected to be applied to smart speakers, mobile phones, and other devices. Jeff Dean explained: “Google has integrated 4096 four-generation TPUs into one Pod, so that one Pod can provide more than one Exoflops (floating point computing power of 10^18) of AI computing power. Due to the system’s internal interconnection speed and architecture optimization, TPU v4’s computing power can reach twice that of v3, and the actual performance is up to ten times higher than that of v3. Moreover, the previous AI Pod mainly adopted the integrated design of TPU, and in the fourth-generation version, Google uses fiber-optic lines to combine different sections and reduce maintenance work.”

At this year’s Google Developer Day, Google focused on AI and its landing scenarios, emphasizing the progress in understanding the language of AI technology and controlling the overall AI ability. From the experimental music program co-starred by Tune-Yards and Blob Opera at the beginning of the conference, the AI choir Blob Opera will adjust the accompaniment style and rhythm in real-time according to the content sung by the female lead singer. The style is quite amazing. This performance made people feel the AI technology and its new powerful application scenarios. In the follow-up, Google also plans to apply AI to existing applications such as speech recognition, collaborative office, and Google Maps.

One of the coolest technologies at this year’s Google Developer Day is the Project Starline system developed by Google. The Starline project has made holographic 3D video calls another big step. Compared with the traditional video call conference, the Starline project explores a new online conference mode. It first uses high-resolution cameras and depth sensors to build real-time 3D models, and then uses real-time data compression technology and existing networks to transmit large amounts of data. Finally, with the help of a large display screen, a life-size 3D image is displayed, making the video caller seem to be in face-to-face real-time communication. In the new technology application layer, Google plans to introduce Project Starline to commercial departments including hospitals and media organizations for small-scale cooperation. Although the Starline project is still under development, it is expected that it can be installed and used in life as soon as possible.

Interpreting Google’s new holographic 3D video technology, it can be found that it earned people’s attention at this Google Developer Day. However, from the development of the earliest holographic 3D video chat technology, it is not only Google who has further studied it. As a company that strives to study the field of holographic 3D, WIMI has long been integrating holographic 3D and 5G construction, and it has been actively exploring 5G innovative applications and holographic 3D communication. At present, WIMI has invested in more than dozens of high-quality upstream and downstream companies in the industry chain, and has become “the founder of China’s holographic ecosystem.”

WIMI’s holographic AR technology has achieved fruitful results in 5G. Recently, WIMI has won the bid for China Mobile and the second phase of the holographic remote interaction of the media cloud platform. That is, WIMI eventually surpassed other competitors in holographic fields and communications fields to win the bid. WIMI’s 5G strength should not be underestimated. As a professional company for 5G communication holographic applications, WIMI has always been committed to independent R&D and investment in 5G core areas, and fully integrated 5G, AR/VR, holographic communication, and other technologies. Moreover, it will continue to strengthen close cooperation with industry partners such as China Mobile and other communication operators, actively promote the application and practice of 5G holographic communication services, and help the digital transformation of China’s holographic communication applications in vertical industries. WIMI has already become a pioneer in the practice of the 5G holographic communication lifestyle.

WIMI Hologram Cloud has been following the opportunities of the 5G era to build a 5G holographic application market. In-depth layouts of holographic interactive entertainment, holographic conferences, and other high-end applications are gradually popularized in many fields, such as holographic social, holographic communication, holographic navigation, holographic home applications. Also, WIMI supports holographic cloud platform services and 5G communication holographic applications with multiple technologically innovative systems. The 5G holographic communication of WIMI is a full-dimensional portrait video technology system, which creates a real interactive experience for users to devote themselves to video communication. Meanwhile, the holographic 3D communication image adopts a high-speed processing algorithm, that is, the image information is processed quickly, and the acquisition rate is guaranteed to reach 10GB/sec.

What is worthy of recognition is that the5G holographic communication video chat of WIMI is as real as it is shot on-site rather than rendered by a computer. This discovery is realized by integrating computer vision, AI intelligent learning, spatial audio, advanced compression, depth sensor camera, and a huge display with “light field technology”. The screen allows viewing of high-resolution 3D images without the need for special glasses, and the depth camera ensures that participants can be seen from multiple angles. When everyone is in a video conference, everyone’s face can be perfectly imaged and displayed in the holographic 3D video chat. The discovery of this interesting technology allows the interviewers to confirm that they are indeed in the same scene with other people, and they are holding meetings face-to-face at a distance, sitting in front of them and interacting and communicating, just like usual meetings. In the future, WIMI expects to further improve the operations of audio noise reduction and video optimization effects in online meetings.

The realization of WIMI 5G communication holography is the hard work of every R&D staff of WIMI, who has worked hard to overcome the 5G difficulties of online stuttering and unclear. Specially to overcome the phenomenon of communication and chatting lag, they discovered that this real-time 3D model generates gigabytes of data per second. The video data is compressed 100 times through new compression and streaming algorithms, and finally, it can be transmitted through the existing network. The efforts of R&D personnel of WIMI are not only reflected in this point, but they have also proposed a holographic virtual character voice reconstruction technology. That is, the use of human skeleton dynamic capture, real-time image rendering, voice recognition technology, and sound simulation technology to present virtual people. The WIMI holographic cloud spectrum platform can realize the image collection and restoration of people across the country. It is an interactive platform with data storage, image restoration, and holographic social attributes. WIMI has also further built a complete 5G holographic communication application platform through the above system combination to support various online terminal and personal device applications. In the meantime, WIMI also focuses on various mainstream 5G holographic applications such as holographic social communication, holographic family interaction, holographic star interaction, holographic online education, and holographic online conference.

Technology provides more convenience to mankind, solves problems that mankind cannot solve, and allows society to operate more efficiently and comfortably. WIMI Hologram Cloud, as a technology creator in the field of science and technology, looks forward to bringing different surprises to the public every time. In the future, WIMI will continue to expand 5G+ holographic applications in multiple fields, such as AI treatment in the holographic medical field, and holographic AR live broadcast. The follow-up development of WIMI is worthy of imagination.

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