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Onyx Released Several BOOX eReaders as Father’s Day Gift

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Onyx Released Several BOOX eReaders as Father’s Day Gift

June 01
14:00 2021

Father's Day eReader Gift Guide

While May comes to its end, Father’s Day is approaching. And it’s the best time to send an eReader as a gift to the bookworm dad.

Among all the eReaders, Kindle, Kobo and Nook are brands that are often mentioned. But they are all tied with their ecosystem and offer limited flexibility. Compared to them, Onyx BOOX with an open Android system is an excellent gift option for the tech-savvy dads who like reading books and want to relieve eye strain.

Best 13.3” E Ink Tablet to The Best Dad

The best large-format E Ink tablets are from neither of the well-known big brands but Onyx BOOX. BOOX Max Lumi, the first A4-sized E Ink tablet based on Android with front lights, is the most powerful E Ink tablet. It runs Android 10 and the latest BOOX firmware. Underneath the hood is an advanced 8-core processor, 4GB+64 GB ample storage, 4300mAh large battery, and a USB Type-C port.

With such incredible specifications, Max Lumi is an all-rounder ebook reader, note-taker, and E Ink tablet. It’s excellent for displaying large-format files, such as PDFs, and gives users a smooth multitasking experience.

Max Lumi uses a flexible E Ink screen with PMMA flat cover-lens. It’s glare-free in the sunlight. And the 2200 x 1650 resolution with dual-color front lights can show crisp texts.

A Versatile Digital Writing Tablet Is A Perfect Gift

If A4-sized gadgets are inconvenient for carrying around, then a 10.3inch E ink tablet is better.

BOOX Note3, similar to Max Lumi, runs open Android 10 system and offers adjustable front lights. It uses a flexible E Ink screen with high durability and a high resolution of 1872 x 1404.

Note3 is a great Father’s Day gift because of its versatility as an eReader and a digital writing tablet. Coming with an out-of-box BOOX stylus with Wacom technology, Note3 can show pressure-sensitive strokes. Also, the built-in Notes App offers different shades of grey, 6 brush types including pencil and marker, various line and shape options. Dads who like to take notes can definitely find Note3 meets all their needs.

Moreover, Note3 is lightweight and well-built with industry-leading hardware. So it can offer a snappy system and responsive note-taking experience with the built-in Notes app.

Cool Dads Love E-Readers with Chic Design

BOOX Note Air is a unique E Ink Tablet. It adopts an asymmetric with one wider bezel. So it can offer an ergonomic and comfortable grip. Also, its blue and orange colorways make it look awesome.

Note Air is special with not only its industrial design but also its features.

As one of two E Ink readers embedding a gravity sensor (the other is Kindle Oasis), BOOX Note Air offers auto-rotation. No matter how the user picks it up, it can immediately provide the correct orientation. Also, it packs with a specialized magnetic BOOX Pen that can be quickly snapped on the side of the device. With this pen, dads can doodle on the epaper and experience a paperless lifestyle with much productivity.

With 3GB+32GB storage, an upgraded octa-core CPU, Android 10 and versatile functions, Note Air is the most excellent E Ink tablet that matches the cool dads.

Make Father’s Day Colorful and Delightful

Ebook readers don’t have to be monochrome; they can also be colorful, just as the brand-new 7.8inch BOOX Nova3 Color.

As the only color eReader that uses the latest E Ink color screen, the new Kaleido Plus, Nova3 Color can offer more saturated colors with less disrupting grids on the screen. The 4,096 soft colors can display different colorful content and relieve eye strain.

With such an advanced color electronic ink display, Nova3 Color is the most suitable device for reading colorful graphs, comics, diagrams and books. Also, it offers powerful writing capability with various brushes and tools.

If dads love reading comics and take colorful notes on the ebooks, PDF and epaper notepad, Nova3 Color is a delightful gift.

An Excellent Travel Pal with Stylus

With the same size as Nova3 Color, the 7.8″ BOOX Nova3 uses a monochrome E Ink Carta screen with a high resolution of 300dpi and 1872×1404. So it’s more distraction-free while offering ultimate portability.

With Nova3, dads can do many things on their trips, such as taking notes, reading books with Kindle and Kobo Android apps,  and browsing the internet with WIFI connection. Nova3’s HD screen can display clear texts. And the adjustable front lights with 32-level brightness and two color temperatures make it useful in any environment. Also, the 3150mAh battery can last for weeks on standby mode.

Such a versatile, portable E Ink reader is a must for the travelholic dads.

The above BOOX eReaders and E Ink tablets are awesome Father’s Day gifts for the dads who love reading and benefiting from the eye-protective technology. The good news is the official BOOX Shop is offering a special promo with PayPal on 1-20 June. The Max Lumi, Note3, and Nova3 Color will get 5% off if they’re paid with PayPal. And the Note Air and Nova3 will get a huge $20 price drop.

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