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Creative Biolabs Offers Custom TAC Development Services to Improve Adoptive Immunotherapy Studies

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Creative Biolabs Offers Custom TAC Development Services to Improve Adoptive Immunotherapy Studies

April 28
08:42 2021
Creative Biolabs is a leading biotech company with the vision of developing novel TAC technologies that are safer and more efficacious by virtue of the advanced platform. Its innovative custom services of TAC development range from R&D, biomarker discovery development, clinical trial supply through to commercial-scale manufacture.

New York, USA – April 27, 2021 – Recently, T cell antigen Connector (TAC) therapy was approved based on its remarkable efficacy in patients with hematological malignancies. To develop the next generation of T cell therapies, a better understanding of TAC biology and its implication for synthetic design is critical. Creative Biolabs quickly launched the T cell antigen connector project based on cutting-edge technologies, which aims to actively promote adoptive immunotherapy.

Essential technology for adoptive immunotherapy: T cell antigen Connector (TAC)

TAC, a T cell receptor antigen connector, is designed to stimulate the nature TCR activation pathway and induce a more stable and controllable immune response. Specifically, TAC technology is a novel way to genetically modify T cells and redirect these T cells to target cancer antigens by co-opting the natural T cell receptor (TCR) to eradicate the tumor cells. And TAC technology builds on recent findings in immune T cell biology and has the potential to produce therapies that are more effective and safer than existing T cell approaches.

By understanding the utilization of different components of TAC mechanisms, as well as the requirements for the design, efficacy and applicability of antigens as cancer drugs, scientists at Creative Biolabs offer comprehensive tailored services to researchers. With these readily available tools, research scientists can now focus on their research projects without having to spend time on the development of their own TAC research.

Engineering T cells by using TAC technology

TAC engineered T cells can induce robust and antigen-specific cytokine production and cytotoxicity in vitro, and strong anti-tumor activity in a variety of xenograft models including solid and liquid tumors.

With a full understanding of the immunological and clinical significance of this research, Creative Biolabs has extensively tested the TAC technology in preclinical studies, and established comprehensive product lines and services for TAC engineered T cells that can meet the needs of customers globally. Equipped with advanced technologies and cooperated with an outstanding team of scientists, Creative Biolabs is committed to harnessing TAC technology to develop innovations and improve the health of people worldwide.

“Through our innovative TAC technology, we hope to help scientists around the world improve the limitations of existing cell therapies and contribute our strength to the promotion of adoptive immunotherapy,” said a scientist at Creative Biolabs.

Services of TAC development provided by Creative Biolabs can be grouped into four categories:

• TAC Biomarker Identification & Selection
• TAC Generation & Optimization
• TAC Design & Construction
• TAC In Vitro Assay

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is an established development and manufacturing biotech company providing an extensive range of integrated services across TAC development to customers worldwide. With over a decade of experience and a team of well-equipped scientists, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to collaborating with researchers to meet customer needs.

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